The Yunfeng medium-range missiles next year production deployment

March 18, 2013

(Newspaper Photo / Wong Chue Meng photo)

(Newspaper Photo / Wong Chue Meng photo)

Reliable military sources said, the code developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yunfeng medium-range missiles, next year, mass production, and deployed in the central mountainous area. Yunfeng missile range of over 1,000 km, the number of initial production of about fifty, warhead weighing about two hundred kilograms, for Guojun tactics to counter missiles, lock the mainland’s southeast coast missile positions, airports and other military targets, not targeting or attack such as Shanghai and other densely populated civilian targets.

Former Defense Minister Cai Mingxian a book yesterday, and the development of medium-range missiles pointed Guojun, once again aroused the attention of the outside world to counter the process of weapons development. Military sources said Cai Mingxian know that five years ago, planning, “five years, my medium-range missile research and development breakthroughs in many key bottleneck”. In fact, Cai Mingxian never witnessed Yunfeng medium-range missiles.

It is understood that the mainland to Taiwan military exercises since 1996, Dongfeng series missile launch, I commence the development of medium-range missiles program counter, Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian and Ma Ying-jeou three president full support plans days halberd “,” strata “,” engine liter “all the way to have more than one name and code, and the last is in a country in Europe the introduction of technology and assistance, develop Yunfeng medium-range missiles.

It was pointed out that the the Yunfeng missile production program, cf five years ago, the deployment Yuji E cruise missiles, side tactical test, one side of a small amount of production deployment, the two companies will be formed in the next medium-range missiles, directly under the Ministry of National Defense Missile Command Defense Minister ordered and password, anyone can button to fire missile.

It is understood that the military has developed medium-range surface-to-surface missile, the set in order to avoid conflict with international organizations “international Ballistic Missile Proliferation Treaty, is a solid fuel rocket afterburner afterburners and endurance stamping engine integration one of the “medium-range land attack stamping missile, the missile classification does not belong to the traditional ballistic missiles, but is classified in the high-altitude, high-speed missile, and therefore did not violate the norms of international ballistic missile proliferation. Military sources slightly joking manner, pointed out that President Ma obey the law, even if the development of counter-weapons, will not let the Chinese Academy of Sciences in violation of international laws and regulations.

It is understood that President Ma high degree of support for the deployment of medium-range missile research and production. Army Despite the easing of cross-strait relations, self-made medium-range surface-to-surface missiles and cruise missiles Yuji E, may or may not be used, but it may be meant as a precautionary measure, to become Taiwan’s favorable chips.

Reference: China Times


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